Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Walter Holtz is a huge history buff, in particular war history.
At 56, this lovely gentleman has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.
Walter is looked after by his partner Tania, and together they have three girls , one of who is severely handicapped with Retts Syndrome.
Walter has been well throughout all his life so the diagnosis in March this year has been devastating for all concerned.
Walters special wish is to travel to Wellington and visit the Gallipoli Exhibition at Te Papa and to view the Great War Exhibition at the Dominion Museum.
The family are to be so generously looked after by the Museum Hotel when they travel down on Friday.

The Holtz have been gifted meals at The Lone Star, Joe’s Garage, Field &Green and the cafes at both museums.
What an amazing treat for all the family.
Wellington Combined Taxis are looking after all the family’s transport needs.
Again you totally rock Wellington.
Thank you for making this dream come true for Walter!!