Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Race For Life Event 2015

“I had such a wonderful exciting day yesterday- words can’t say what it meant to me. To everyone who was involved in putting the day together, a very heartfelt THANK YOU.
Special thanks to Reagan and Jason who took me out on their bikes (first time on a bike since I was knocked off mine 35 years ago as a 19 year old), my friend Bron in her pink racing car, Neville in his classy Morgan, Tony in his retirement dream Porsche, Charlie and his beautiful rubbish truck, and the guys who got me safely in the helicopter and flew it- another first for me.
I met some beautiful people who are challenged as I am, and we laughed and were thrilled together.
My melanoma journey has been rocky lately and we’re playing the waiting game at the moment but yesterday I forget about it all and just have a blast!”  

- Jennifer, patient

Race For Life Event 2015

"I was privileged to accompany a patient to the Race for Life Track Day at Hampton Downs race track. The many volunteers and sponsors of this day did a wonderful job ensuring everyone's comfort and safety and it was a joy to behold the happy faces of patients who challenged themselves to go on rides in a helicopter, on Harley Davidson motorcycles, racing cars, classic cars and big trucks. Everyone was also treated to a superb lunch and felt really well looked after. So to Viv with her vision, initiative and drive and all of the people who got behind her donating all their time and their vehicles for this amazing day, congratulations and humble thanks."

- Ann Linton, NZ Herald's Rant & Rave column

Race For Life Event 2015

"The day was amazing and one of the highlights of my year. I can't wait until next year!"

- Belinda, patient

Race For Life Event 2015

"Our patients have also offered their thanks - they said it was beyond their wildest imagination - their smiles that went from ear to ear said it all."

- Catherine Spence, Hospice West Auckland

Race For Life Event 2015

"...one man told me he had ticked more off his bucket list in one day than in a lifetime" 

-Susan Young, Hospice West Auckland


Race for Life Event 2015

"I visited Claudia yesterday. She is normally a quiet and "resolved to the harshness of life" kind of lady- well, she couldn't stop talking about the day, and how fast the car went, and how close to the corners and how scary but fun it was etc etc. For the first time I have known her, she wasn't at all interested in talking about her illness - all she could think about is how fabulous Race For Life was!!

Furthermore, Pearl is a normally shy and reserved lady and doesn't say too much or express emotion easily. This morning she couldn't speak fast enough to tell me about what she had done at Race For Life. Surprisingly the outing didn't make her pain any worse and if anything, she felt more comfortable in her body. She couldn't thank everyone enough for the opportunity. She said she was absolutely stoked to go in a Porsche (something that was on her bucket list), and commented on how fun it was to go in a helicopter, truck and Harley Davidson, all in one day. Although she was exhausted when she got home (and slept very well), it was absolutely worth the effort. 

So to everyone involved in making this happen for our patients – a huge thank you for giving them something else to think about other than their illnesses/treatments and for making people VERY happy. The effects last so much longer than just the day and have a huge impact on peoples’ ability to cope with their ill health.

 Mercy Hospice Nurse



"Thank you so much for all you did for my family and I over Christmas. It helped us all to realise that 'change' is not always a bad thing. As well as having an amazing time with all the activities, we just gelled again as a family and it was at times unbelievable to experience. On a more personal note, it gave me back my husband and self esteem, we have made such inroads in our marriage that I thought would never be possible. The way your team presented the whole idea to my husband was what triggered the change in him. We now go away on drives and stay overnight at leisure when we can. This has been down to  the team at Race for Life's empathetic nature, and genuinely wanting to help people like me who had lost my way for a while. You made our family whole again and we can now face the future together. Thanks is not enough!

- Jo - Patient, Mercy Hospice Auckland


Tony Christiansen Event

“Thank you for the lovely day I had out Viv.  I asked  God to send me angels in disguise today and I realized  that my prayer was answered. I sit at home with tears of joy because I have a new lease on life. That I CAN do anything. I wasnt supposed to see xmas, New Years and my 30th was a definite no. Well last year my family and I spent what was supposed to be my last xmas this year my last New Year and the 20th of this month will be my 30th. Sometimes people who are well dont realize that its not the disease that kills you or the pain? Its the mere sitting on death row WAITING to die that pains me the most. Sure I physically suffer swollen body, terrible pain, immobility and the rest but the what hurts the most is the sadness and grief that I don't care about living in this body of mine. 

Today  Viv you helped me change that by inviting me.  I thank you for allowing me to live with peace Xxx” 

Andrew - Patient Mercy Hospice Auckland,