Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


We have been approached by Peter Clifton-Sprigg to support him in his endeavor to raise $50,000. Peter who suffers from terminal cancer has an astounding attitude to his apparent demise. He has combined his life-long urge to sky jump, with an intention to raise money and awareness for West Auckland Hospice. Peters love for life and intent to live every moment is truly infectious. Peter has managed to persuade his daughter Melissa to come on board. So on May 21st both Peter and Melissa will tandem sky jump with the help of Sky Dive Auckland.

Race4Life Trust has joined hands with Peter in supporting his special wish. Race4Life has paid for Peters jump next sunday. His positive approach to his illness and willingness to live life to the fullest is indeed an inspiration to one and all. To top this off, it is truly remarkable that in fulfilling his wish, he is intending to raise money and awareness for West Auckland Hospice.

Terminally ill father skydives for Hospice
Peter Clifton-Sprigg may be terminally ill but he is living life to the fullest. He's about to go skydiving in an attempt ti raise $50,000 for Hospice West Auckland.