Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Peter Leadley has had a place in Rakino Island for over 40 years. It has been 4 years since Peter has been to his beloved island and one of his dearest wishes was to make the trip , one last time.

Peter is wheelchair bound and his "little haven" is very difficult  to get to. However this posed no problem for Norma Brown and her troupe of Rakino Island Residents. Norma arranged for Peter, his wife Alison and family to be picked up at the wharf, having arrived there by Belaire Ferries, on Wednesday Morning.

Peter was carefully transported from the ferry to the mobility van, ( YES !! Mobility Van can you believe it!!), owned by Norma's husband. The family were then taken to Peter's special place. Over the years it had become very overgrown and in fact  quite dangerous to access. With plenty of notice, Norma organised two workman to cut a pathway to Peter's hut. A task that took a good part of a day. After clearing away all the bush they discovered Peters hut had a deck!! Within a few days Norma was back at the property scrubbing the deck. She then proceeded to open up the hut and cleared it of four years of insects and spiders. She placed a candelabra on the table, just in case the family needed more light, plus a vase of fuchsias.

New World Albany provided the family with a voucher to spend on food for the day. 

Then at 2.30, Richard from Oceania Helicopters arrived to pick up the family and fly them home.

A simply stunning example of kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you to all involved in making Peters wish come true.