Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


The aim of Race4LifeTrust is to enable people, living with life limiting illness, to realize dreams that they, and their families can cherish. Our mission is to seek to provide people, with the means to fulfill their wishes and therefore everything we do, will be driving towards the wherewithal, to make it happen.

In order to do this well and appropriately, we will make sure that we avidly listen and that we come from a position of integrity, perseverance, understanding and respect.


The Race4LifeTrust is a registered not for profit charitable organisation committed to:

· Raising the spirits and well-being of persons, with life limiting medical conditions, through the provision of events, activities, and/or special occasions in New Zealand.

· Facilitating services and the fulfillment of wishes of people, with life limiting medical conditions, in the palliative care community in New Zealand.

· Supporting all such things that are incidental or conducive, to the attainment of the charitable objects described above.  


In 2008, a number of businessmen, race car owners and drivers, sound sponsors and many volunteers, family members and organisations, came together to support a Race4Life event.  The purpose was to provide an opportunity for Mercy Hospice patients and their dear ones, to enjoy a day out doing something very different.  And different it was, whether it was riding in a racing car or on a Harley Davidson, taking a trip in a helicopter or experiencing the deep throated roar inside a Mustang muscle car.  The key word, that occurred to everyone there, whether patients or helpers, was “togetherness”.

The event was so successful that a decision was reached to make it an annual event and to call it RACE FOR LIFE.

Such was the communication, sharing and listening on that day, it became apparent that there were a good many unfulfilled desires amongst those,whose life expectancy was limited.  Thus arose what is now officially called the WISH-LIST service, which is the true basis of the Race4LifeTrust.