Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


57 year old Natalie Jameson is one in a million. Upon receiving her heart breaking news last year, Natalie decided this was no time to change her attitude to life. Always being one to make the best of life, Natalie gathered her husband and two daughters together and made a bucket list. 
…  and a very impressive list it was, might I add!

One of the special things on her list was to view the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) from Mt John’s Observatory in Lake Tekapo. Upon hearing the story of Natalie and her family, the response of the Lake Tekapo community, to this special request, was wonderful. Natalie, Roger and their two girls Sarah and Emma will fly down on Friday morning to Christchurch. Pegasus Rental Cars have loaned them a car for their entire stay in the South.

Once in Lake Tekapo they will be greeted  by the staff at Peppers Bluewater resort where they will be staying for two nights. Manager Darryl Baker has gifted the family a two bedroom unit, throwing in breakfast and dinner on both nights, at the gorgeous Rakinui Restaurant. Peppers have also given the family a pass to the  Hot Springs Pool. Earth and Sky who run the Mt John’s Observatory have welcomed the family as their special guests to view this natural wonder.

The weather is looking perfect for the weekend. So fingers crossed.

As a treat on Saturday afternoon the Kohan Japanese Restaurant have invited the family for  lunch.

Lake Tekapo you totally rock!!

We wish the family a simply wonderful time together.