Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Lisa Huggins is a 44 year old solo mother of two. 9 Years ago Lisa was diagnosed with Breast cancer, however like with everything in her life , she has remained a stalwart , a real soldier who has carried on with a positive attitude no matter what. Life has not been easy but Lisa over the years, looked not within, but to others, she might be able to reach out to, to help in their plight. Lisa is a trained teacher who takes her job very seriously. She is exceptionally thorough, and organised. If Lisa had her way she would spend 24 hours at school ensuring that every child is doing well. If a family at the school were in dire straits , Lisa would have a meal prepared and delivered within hours of hearing about their plight. A truly amazing woman, who has brought up two children alone, volunteering in family centres, caring for the elderly and being an active community worker, amidst it all. Lisa is an absolute dynamo with a heart of GOLD. Lisa has been given a terminal diagnosis and she has approached the Trust.

Queenstown have come to the party. Below is a list of those businesses who have put their hand up and will be a part of an amazing wish that begins on Thursday.
Watch this space !
Thank you to:
Queenstown Taxis
The Cow
Joe’s Garage
Ferg Berger
Thrill Zone
Lone Star
Below Zero Ice Bar
Real Journeys
Shotover Jet
Mercure Hotel
Skyline Wueenstown
Caddy Shack City