Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Karen Ashdown and husband Tony have had some wonderful support from family and friends over the time that Karen has been ill. However when asked what her wish would be, Karen spoke of how some special time away with Tony would be perfect!!

Tomorrow Karen and Tony will head north to Matakana. They will stop off for lunch at Matakana Market Kitchen very generously gifted by Mike and the team at MMK. After lunch they will drive to Takatu Lodge. Sharon, owner of this 5 star luxury lodge, has gifted Karen and Tony an afternoon and evening of decadence.

On arrival they will be treated with a massage and encouraged to savor the peace and tranquility which will surround them. Sharon has offered to cook this gorgeous couple a meal to complete what is looking to be a stunning evening. Breakfast in the morning will be complimentary.

We wish Karen and Tony a simply magic time together.

Thank you so much to Sharon of Takatu Lodge and Mike from Matakana Market Kitchen.