Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Justine Stratton was diagnosed in November 2015 with pancreatic cancer which had already spread to her lymph nodes and liver. She  was told it was not curable and chemo was offered as palliative care only. Justine is only 40 years old with two beautiful young children, Dylan who is 5 and Sydney who is 3. This diagnosis came as a huge shock and devastating blow to the family as they have such a lovely life. 

 Justine contacted the Race4Life Trust determined to celebrate life with her family for the time she has left.

Rotorua is a very popular destination!! Justine and her family will be off to Rotorua next weekend.

The most stunning thing about this weekend is that every service provider who looked after Samantha and family at the beginning of May, are again putting out  their hands  to help this young family.

A huge thank you to, Millennium Hotel, Rydges  Atrium Restaurant, Rainbow Springs, Polynesian Spa, Skyline Rotorua, AmazeMe, and Capers Epicurean Restaurant.


Rotorua you totally rock!!