Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Jean Partridge’s wish is rather simple but fabulous.

Last year for her 50th birthday, Jean was undergoing intense treatment and was unable to celebrate her birthday in the fashion she had wanted to.

This year she is determined to celebrate in style and approached Race4Life with a wish to celebrate her birthday with a touch of romance.

On Sunday 7th August Jean and partner John, will be picked up by Rob Hitchin in a car kindly donated for the occasion, by Continental Car Services.

They will be given a little Tiki Tour around Auckland before being dropped at the Langham Hotel.

At 4pm, massage therapist, Miho Kodaira will give Jean a reflexology massage.

The lovely couple will then make their way to the highly rated EIGHT restaurant, in the Langham hotel for an evening meal.

They will spend the night together before being picked up the following morning by Rob who will return them home.

We wish Jean and her partner John an exquisite time!!