Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Heather King is a 56 year old lady who is determined to gather her family together in celebration before she dies.Heather's special wish is to have a celebration of Life luncheon with her family.

Heather has three children and 8 grandchildren and a host of extended family members whom she loves dearly. We have organised all to gather together on Sunday March 11th. Hospice Waikato are providing the venue!

Heather's preparation for Sunday starts tomorrow when Driving Miss Daisy volunteer, Karen, will pick her up from her home at Life Care Cambridge and take her the Caci Clinic. The generous staff at Caci have offered to treat Heather to a Facial.

On Sunday morning staff at the home will give Heather's hair a quick wash in preparation for a stylist who will be arriving later in the morning from Loulous Salon. Renee the stylist, will be joined by Jane and her colleague from Bespoke Salon , who will do Heather's make up and nails. At 11.30 St John Ambulance officers will arrive to take Heather through to Hospice Waikato where Gillian Stobo from Race4Life will be preparing a delicious luncheon, especially chosen by Heather.A huge thank you to Eve's Pantry Botany for providing Heather's favourite cake for the occasion. Forest Gateau. Yum!!
Helen Jones from Helen Jones Photography will join the family and will indeed create cherished memories for all.
What a wonderful day is in store for Heather and her clan.
Have a blast!!

A huge thank you to:

• Caci Clinic
• St John New Zealand
• Loulous Salon 
• Bespoke Medi-Spa & Beauty 
• Hospice Waikato 
• Helen Jones Photography Ltd 
• Gillian Stobo
• Life Care Cambridge
• Driving Miss Daisy
• Eves Pantry Botany