Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


George Darlington lives with cancer but his time is fast running out. George has a very special dream, one that the Race4Life Trust would love to help him realise.

George has been estranged from his son, Michael, for many many years. Over this time George has conscientiously tried to contact Michael , even travelling to Australia in search for him. This led to a dead end. Social media opened another pathway for George and earlier this year George contacted Michael through Facebook.

George’s special wish is to be able to put his arms around his son one last time, and to spend some special moments with him. George is too sick to travel and Michael, who lives in Brisbane cannot afford to travel and see his Dad.

 The cheapest return flights from Brisbane are around $500.


Is there anyone who might consider contributing to a fund that will enable Michael to travel to New Zealand to say goodbye to his Dad?

Please contact Viv on 021883669


Many Thanks