Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Denise Rippon is a 55 year old woman with breast cancer and extensive metastatic bone disease which has in the last year caused paralysis to the lower half of her body. This means she is completely bed bound.

Denise’s husband Chris died at home in July last year from esophageal cancer. Denise has three boys- Michael, Alex and Dan- Dan lives at home with Denise and is involved with a lot of her care.

Piha has been a very special place for Denise and her family. When Chris died they bought a tree which they hope to plant there.

Denise's special wish is to go to Piha and spend a day with her family, having a picnic and enjoying the beauty of this stunning beach.

Denise can only travel in a horizontal position so her means of transport is very limited. We approached the St John's Ambulance with a special request!! And YES!! On Friday two Ambulance Officers will drive to Denise's home in Glen Eden and transport her to Piha. They will remain with the family all day until Denise is ready to come home. How very cool is that! C K Ranchhod, the owner of the Fresh Choice food store in Glen Eden had provided a $200 voucher for the family to use for their BBQ lunch on Friday. We wish this special family an absolutely magic time!!