Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


At the beginning of this year, Melissa Bateman contacted the Race4Life Trust requesting a small holiday with her husband and her two gorgeous boys.

We had a wonderful holiday organised in Waiheke for the family in mid-January. Unfortunately Melissa took a turn for the worst and was never able to enjoy this holiday with her boys before she died.

Race4Life  mentioned to Carlos that if he should ever want to take the boys on a helicopter trip  ( something that had been a part of Melissa’s wish list) to contact us.

This month Carlos did get back to us because his two boys ( 7 and 9) have so wanted to experience the thrill of a helicopter ride.

During the school holidays, the fabulous Richard Stenning will take Carlos and the boys for a ride in his helicopter.

Thank you Richard. You do truly rock.