Fulfilling the wishes of Palliative Care Patients


Brenda Rangi is a courageous lady of 45 years who truly has been through a horrid time. Brenda had her first series of operations in 2010 and since then has lost her stomach and one of her lungs. She now has a malignancy that is terminal.

Brenda would love to spend some time with her two boys of 15 and 18, before she dies. She is so very concerned for her family and the hardships they have been through because of her illness.

We have a wonderful break organised for the family because of the amazing generosity, yet again, of the Rotorua community.  In early December the Rangi family will be treated to a stay at the Millennium hotel, a visit to both the Polynesian Spa and Rainbow Springs, high jinks at Skyline Rotorua and Agroventures and meals at Wairere Café, Atrium Restaurant at Rydges, the Stratosfare at Skyline Rotorua and Capers Café.

Thank you so very much to all those who again have so generously supported our Trust and the provided this wonderful break for Brenda and her family.